LH Virtual – a premier LH simulation

Hello Captain! We welcome you to LH-Virtual – a premier LH simulation
We are excited and thankful for you on taking the time to choose and browse our virtual airline. Provided on Vamsys and our FAQ on our website, you can find all of the required information so you can get familiar with us, our operations and goals, as well as the requirements for our members if you do wish to indulge into this near real experience in a virtual airline.

To make things easier, this homepage contains a short overview of the before mentioned information please take time and we hope to see you on our roster and in the virtual skies.

God Speed & Clear Skies,
LH-Virtual Team

LH Virtual A320 NEO

Casual Pilot?

  • Low Activity Requirements
  • Detailed Leaderboards
  • Easy to use systems and software

Realism is important?

  • Constantly Up-To-Date Schedules
  • Already prepared routes and flight plans
  • Regular Events and Fly-ins

Hard-core simmer?

  • A learning environment
  • Automatic PIREP Grading System
  • Detailed PIREP logging and display
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