Since a few days, we have enabled a new feature. TELEX Connex Info
When flying to one of our bases, Frankfurt or Munich, you will receive a telex message through the Hoppie network.

How does it work?

Approximately 23 minutes before the expected time of arrival (ETA), our system will send you an automated Telex message. This includes the ETA, Arrival Gate, Arrival Position and Connection Information for connection flights of your passengers. All of this Information are coming from the Flightaware API to ensure that these are accurately.

  • ETA: Estimated Time of Arrival
  • ARR Gate: Arrival Gate
  • ARR POS: Arrival Position
  • FLTNBR: Flight Number
  • DES: Destination
  • GATE: Departure Gate
  • ETD: Estimated Time of Departure
  • LTOP: Latest Time on Position in order to reach the connecting flight.

    The formatting is optimized for the FlightSimLabs and Fenix Airbus. We will add more formats for other Addon Developers in the coming weeks.

    Let us know your thoughts and feedback in our discord.